Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 3

- Bowl: Egg Noodles and broccoli with portabello mushrooms in a homemade tomato sauce
- Beaver Buzz Energy Drink

- 12 grain bagel with light cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and lettuce
- Medium French fries
- Small Cola

- Medium TCBY Fat free frozen yogurt
- Small theatre popcorn
- English muffin with egg and cheese

- Coffee Crisp chocolate bar
- Date Square

That was Saturday. Sure it's vegetarian but it's full of fat and carbs. I actually can't bring myself to get all the nutritional information or weigh myself for Saturday because I know the round-about numbers.

Terry and I went to see "Coraline" in theatres so I had to have junk food. I was also still craving ice cream so I settled on frozen yogurt from TCBY which is mostly fat-free. It settled the craving for the most part although it was icy and not as thick and creamy as real ice cream. All in all, I think theatres around here offer limited choices for healthy eating. I noticed the hot dogs were in large supply but a bowl of cut veggies and dip was over $9 with tax. So I indulged. I kept portions reasonably small but it only barely helped the numbers.

My moods are beginning to be a bit easier to handle but still no drastic change. I had a really enjoyable time on our 'date night' with no animals or friends around, just Terry and I. Working 7pm - 5am didn't make eating healthier any easier since we have limited choices (truck stops) along our route which aren't known for healthy options.

Terry went to Wendy's for supper and I resorted to Tim Hortons. The girl behind the counter seemed confused when I ordered a sandwich without meat and had to double-check with her supervisor to see if it was allowed. Of course it's allowed, it's a bagel with vegetables on it.

Had a minute craving for a double cheeseburger, no onions, extra pickles (my "usual") with fries and sprite but satisfied myself with my veggie bagel.

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